Prices and orders:

Every dress, every blouse, every scarf and every tunic from me is unique and contains my ideas, work, energy, time and love. All products are handmade and of course a single-item.

Dresses, blouses & shirts:

My linen dresses cost between 180 and 500 euros.

Linen tunics from 110 to 300 euros.

Silk dresses (also with 100% silk lining) from 300 to 1000 euros.

Silk blouses and tunics from 130 to 550 euros.

The price for a silk wedding dress is 700 to 1500 euros.

A painted linen wedding dress costs between 500 and 1200 euros.

You can combine my clothes with a shirt or a tie from me. The price of a men’s linen shirt starts at 180 to 250 euros.


Painted silk scarves cost between 35 and 550 euros.

Silk ties cost from 30 to 100 euros.

“Crazy wool” or spider web scarves from 35 to 250 euros.

Painted linen tablecloths from 65 to 250 euros.


Products who are already finished can be ordered at any time for a fixed price. You can also order an individual dresses, blouses, scarf… Here, however, the price is always higher. The reason is quite simple. Individual orders are more time-consuming, labor-intensive and cost-more.

Call me on +371 29173337 or send an e-mail to: and we make an appointment.

Your Agnese