Photo gallery

Creative workshop in the community college in Rujiena

Exhibition together with Agnese Valiniece in St. Peter church in Riga

Midsummer night markt in the old town from Riga – Agnese Valiniece together with the Latvian president and the first lady.

Market in Open Air Museum Riga – Thank you for coming!

Customer day in “Ābelītēs”

Opening of my exhibition
“Zīds – Ziema – Ziedi – Zelts” in KLASE – Riga

Linen dresses by Agnese Valiniece

Klase 2018 – Riga

A grateful opening of my exhibition “Savienojot nesavienojamo” together with Esmeralda Pasite in the Museum of Ethnology in Naukseni.

Naukšēni city festival 2017

Exhibition in the Boutique “Klase” in Riga 2017 with Agnese Valiniece

Agnese Valiniece together with Sheila at the fashion week in Liepāja