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Naukšēni door in Valmiera “Sajūtu Park”

There is a very special place in Valmiera – the “Sajūtu Park”, which was created by its director Iluta Urbanoviča. When the counties’ borders changed recently, she urged each municipality to prepare doors that are relevant to their age, location, or message. The doors are now in “Sajūtu Park” and visitors can see them and maybe learn something new. I am honored that the city of Naukšēni invited me to participate in this project. The main entrance door of the administrative building of the Naukšēni municipality became the object, which was replaced by a new door in 2019. Diāna Glušonoka, Jānis Zuments, Indra Jirgena, Aiga Stiere and Agnese Valiniece took part in this project. The idea was that the door should not only be visually interesting, but also tell the story of a region in the middle of nature, in the center of which there is the Naukšēni manor, lively people and various, beautiful and very interesting places that are worth visiting . The photo gallery shows both the creation process and the result. Creative team – Council chairman Jānis Zuments, director of Naukšēni Human Museum Diāna Glušonoka, artist Agnese Valiniece and director of Naukšēni secondary school Aiga Stiere at the door of Naukšēni district In Valmiera in the “Sajūtu Park”.

In cooperation with Rūjiena Folk School


Photo series

From my inspiration to the finished scarf

Photo session in early summer

Spring has also arrived in Latvia, the flowers are blooming on the meadows and my clothes are also “blooming”

Photos: Solvita Melne , Iveta Salmiņa un Agnese Vaļiniece – Model: Solvita Melne un Iveta Salmiņa – Designer dresses: Agnese Vaļiniece

Creative workshop in the community college in Rujiena

Exhibition in St. Peter church in Riga 2019

Midsummer night market in the old town of Riga – Agnese Valiniece together with the Latvian President and the First Lady.

Market in the Open Air Museum Riga 2019

Customer day in “Ābelītēs”

Opening of my Privat Exhibition 2018
“Zīds – Ziema – Ziedi – Zelts” in KLASE – Riga

Fotoshooting in Abelites

Exhibition Klase 2018 – Riga

Opening of my Exhibition “Savienojot Nesavienojamo” in the Museum of Ethnology in Naukseni 2018

Naukšēni City festival 2017

Exhibition in the Boutique “Klase” in Riga 2017

Agnese Valiniece together with Sheila at the fashion week in Liepāja